A Way Around


Do you notice anything odd about this gate?  It sure seems strange to me.  It is a nice gate, well built, strong and sturdy.  And the sign is clear that “No Trespassing” is allowed. I don’t want to trespass, but it seems that if I did, it would be very easy.  I could go around to the left, around to the right, over the top or perhaps even under.If I, or anyone else decided to ignore the gate – we could.

Like an experience I shared in an article several years ago: Hog Tight – Horse High, I instantly drew a comparison to my surgical weight loss tool. Those who have had weight loss surgery have a tool, or a gate if you will. The tool is designed to help us reach and maintain a good, healthy weight, by restricting how much we can eat.  For most, it works as it should, it does exactly what the tool was designed to do.

However, it seems that through the years we discover ways around, over and under it. I have heard comments like “She has learned to eat around the band” or “If I eat sugar with _____ then doesn’t cause dumping” or, “I can eat a lot more if I drink a little with my meals”  And I admit that I have sometimes said, “I cannot eat much at one time, but can eat the wrong thing all day long.” Hello?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?   If so, then essentially you are not using your tool as it was intended. You are finding ways around, under and over the “gate”. Find out why. After all you have been through, what is it that would would cause you to cheat yourself out of the success you once desired? What is it that is causing you to sabotage your success by not taking full advantage of the surgical tool? Hard questions, all.

May I invite you to do a quick self evaluation of your behaviors. Are you taking full advantage of your surgical tool?  Ask yourself, “Am I allowing my surgery to do what it was designed to do? Or am I looking for ways to cheat, go back to old habits and still maintain my weight loss?

Our surgical tools will serve us well for a lifetime as long as we commit to using them properly.  Years of research (Read Research) have taught us all that there are very specific habits that successful long term patients have made part of their life. Learn what they know and do what they did to take full advantage of your surgical tool.  The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients

As shown in this picture, the gate and weight loss surgical tools work. They do exactly what they are designed to do. That is, unless we choose to go around, over or under.

Portion Control


“I understand the importance of satiety and listen to my body’s signals.” Learn more about The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients


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